Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome To Sequim Family Advocates Online!

No place to practice? Crowded fields? Isn't there anything we can do?

Yes, there is something you can do. Sequim Youth Advocates is forming right now to enable effective political activism toward the needs of kids in our town.

The forming of a group of citizens openly working toward advocating the needs of families and children in the Sequim area has been on my heart for years now.

It has become more and more clear in the past few years that a unified block of voting citizens needed to come together to better represent our interests. Other parts of society have done an effective job stating their case to politicians and policy makers in our county. Basically, they get what they want while we make do.

Many of us struggle to keep up with demands of work, family and volunteer commitments. The concept of political activism seems out of reach if it ever crosses our mind in frustration as we watch political decisions made that directly affect our families.

It strikes me that most local politicians do not currently concern themselves much with what families think. The honest political fact is that they haven’t had to care too much.

They will care, however, when we come calling with a unified voice.

We are many - more than they realize. Over 550 kids are playing soccer, over 200 playing football, over 350 play Little League, over 300 play basketball.... The schools are actually growing. We can change things in Clallam County if we work together.

Please contact the email address below to register as a member of our group.

Please spread the word that this group is forming. You can forward the email address sequimfamilies@yahoo.com to your contacts to enable our list of registered supporters to grow.

If you have thoughts, concerns or ideas about the future for kids and families in Sequim please post!

Please remember to refrain from attacking any particular part of society – it is easy to slip into the mode of attacking. I feel your frustration acutely with how things currently sit, but I hope our group can be an example to the kids we advocate with our restrained political activism.

Stand by for more. We will be gathering names in the coming weeks. Won’t it be fun to see this start? Thanks for joining the cause.

Craig Stevenson

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