Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Carrie Blake Field Project

Many have asked about where the field project will exactly be located at Carrie Blake. I have posted a copy of the maps - hopefully you can read them ok.

The area is currently unused field grass with a walking trail surrounding it. We will re-locate part fo the existing path and put three large terraced areas inside the walking trail. The terraces will allow for mulitple playfields - including a "Championship" sized soccer field that complies with international standards for field dimensions.

The goals would be movable - much like Sequim Junior Soccer uses now for a few of their fields.

Parking would be accessed of Rhodefer road into a new parking lot or the existing parking lots at the existing playground areas. There is a trail over the creek to the new playfield area.

This project will radically change how the local leagues can practice and play. It should also add enough capacity of playfields in town to induce new leagues to start offering different recreational options (Adult Soccer, lacrosse etc).

Exciting Stuff!

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