Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Playfields A Step Closer!

It is ok to get excited! The huge playfield project that we are advocating is moving closer to reality. The first step in any project is to secure permission. This week we have officially received the blessing of the City of Sequim and the State Dept. of Ecology and Dept. of Health.

Phew! Now comes the easy part of raising money for a large capital project in a down economy.

The emails I am getting this week from the Fall after school leagues as they get ready only motivates me further to work hard on this project. Everyone is out of space. This project is badly needed and will make a huge statement that our town is not only a retirement town. It is also a vital, healthy town of all ages.

For now give thanks that we navigated through the up front obstacles. (And get a bit excited that there are acres and acres of playfields coming when we pull this project together).
See you at the fields!

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